Paul McCarthy

Our Vice-President (Sports) represents student sports in our clubs and colleges - encouraging participation at all levels - and also organises the annual Roses event.

Hi I'm Paul and I'm your new VP Sports. I've just finished as an economics student, and in the past 3 years was part of Lonsdale JCR, the Lonsdale football and bar sports team and the uni cricket team - my time here has essentially revolved around sport and sugar!


Initially, my aims as VP Sport were to establish a mental health officer on the execs of all uni and college teams, who would lead weekly meetings in a safe environment, as well as significantly increasing communication between LUSU, College Sports reps and Uni sports teams as this barely exists at the moment. However, whilst this remains a priority, due to COVID and the past few months I will also be absolutely prioritising putting on a successful HOME Roses in 2021, and ensuring we have the maximum amount of on-campus sporting options available to students when they come back given government descriptions.