Sophie Tarif

Focussed on the overall development of the Union and its officers.


Hello! I’m Sophie, your VP Union Development! I have recently completed my bachelors in Marketing and Design at Lancaster. At my time at university, I have accumulated three years on experience with LUSU through being on various College JCRs and committees and a Cross Campus Officer. In my spare time I also played college netball, worked in various college bars, and actually focused on my degree!

My role is focused on the overall development of the Union and its officers; however I have some main aims for my year in office:


  • Effectively embed the new democratic structures: At the end of the last academic year, our members (you!) voted to pass a new constitution, which means we have new democratic structures in place. Over the next year I will be working hard to make sure all students know how to effectively make the most of the new processes and we are able to maximise the number of good ideas coming through.

  • Collaborate with colleges to provide strong and engaging opportunities to build communities: I would like to work closely with college SCR and JCRs to create a menu of events and opportunities which the wider college body can participate in. My overall aim to support colleges in creating a vibrant community which broadens the groups it engages with and contributes to the retention of students.

  • Represent the minority without disengaging the majority: Over the coming year I would like to continue to support student campaigns, whilst focusing the main objectives of the campaigns in educating students. My aim is to see an increase in debates which engages a higher number of people with an audience which represents both sides.

These are the initial objectives which I have set myself for the year ahead, but I will be working and involved on various other projects over the coming year!

Please feel free to email me at, or stop me on the spine, if you have any questions or ideas about the coming year!