Sofia Akel

The political lead for Lancaster Univerity Students' Union on equality welfare and diversity issues for students alongside charity and community projects. 

Wagwun guys, my name is Sofia and I am your VP Welfare and Community officer. I’m a bit of a Lancaster veteran as I’ve completed my undergrad here as well as my masters this year – yayy, so I know Lancaster quite well! For those of you coming from outside of Lancaster, (and even from here) I am from East London and I know how ‘different’ it can be up here, but I will be here for all of your welfare needs with anything from culture shock to mental health. Throughout my time as a student, I was involved in a lot of welfare and community related campaigns and initiatives to boost the integration and celebration of diversity that we have here. This really helped me to find my purpose here, so don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in!

My main goals for this year are:

  • To facilitate integration not just diversity: meaning that with an increasingly diverse student body we could do more to integrate our students, giving you a more rounded experience here!
  • 360° equality of opportunity: we’re all here to get the best possible start in life and unfortunately issues can crop up that may affect your education such as finances, mental welfare, etc, but it is my goal to support you and ensure that no matter your background, each student has an equal chance of success!
  • Healthy minds = healthy community: 78% students suffer mental health issues during their studies, many of whom don’t seek support, I want you to know that you’re not forgotten so I will work on innovative ways to improve mental health on campus for those who may or may not be ready to talk about their struggles.
  • A United Lancaster: there are many divides in Lancaster, from students and locals, to individual groups. It is an aim of mine to unite us and work on community building through various schemes and events throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I can’t wait to meet a lot of you this year, I’m a pretty casual person so no need for formalities, so please stop by or drop me an email! Please don’t be a stranger, but I have to warn you my hair changes almost every two months, so don’t be confused if you cant recognise me as I may have an afro one week and braids the next!  


Much love

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