Amy Merchant

The Vice-President (Welfare) is the political lead for Lancaster University Students' Union on equality, welfare and diversity issues for students alongside charity and community projects. 

Hi I'm Amy. I'm an ex-English Literature student at the university, but originally I'm from the North-East of England. Over my three years at Lancaster I have been involved with countless student groups, ranging from The County College JCR and the LGBTQ+ Forum. Thank you for electing me.


During my year in office, I plan to run an informative campaign based on student housing, with a specific focus on tenancy rights. I'll be ensuring that students are given a variety of resources and tools to make informed decisions before signing housing contracts.  A second priority of mine is to create a  singular digital platform of student experience and advice that new students can use to guide them through their transition from home to university. Finally, I want to create a strong working relationship with the PTO team and support them with their own manifestos. 


Pronouns: she/her