Dave Whitlock

The political lead for Lancaster Univerity Students' Union on equality welfare and diversity issues for students alongside charity and community projects.


Hi there, I’m Dave your VP Welfare and Community for this academic year!

I’m currently a Postgraduate student in Politics and I did my Undergraduate here in Law so I know a lot about Lancaster, everything it has to offer but also how to improve welfare services here on campus.

My general interests include being with my cats, socialising in a bar or playing PS4. I’m most into RPG’s, so: Skyrim, Fallout, Witcher, Far Cry etc. I also have an interest in politics and keep up a lot with current affairs, which I feel will be helpful this year to keep ahead of the changes happening to students.

My main aims for my year in office:

  • Increase Mental Health Provisions on campus: A couple of years ago the University signed the Time to Change pledge which is about combatting mental health stigma on campus. I’d like to continue to increase the support services we as a Union and University offer by: training students and college welfare officers in Mental Health First Aid, holding termly Time to Talk events and working in conjunction with the University to put on  workshops on how mental health can be dealt with in the workplace. I’d like to culminate this by lobbying the university to increase the specialisation of counsellors on campus to be able to combat issues such as eating disorders which currently cannot be done.

  • Decrease the amount of pollution made on campus: At the moment students travelling to university contribute to 7% of our total waste pollution and whilst not sounding a lot this makes a significant contribution. That’s why I’d like to introduce a carpooling scheme for students, so if you come with your friend you can decrease pollution made whilst also getting a cheaper permit for your contribution.

  • Welfare Booklets and Applet: Over Summer I want to produce a welfare booklet to be given to Fresher’s upon arrival that will include a lot of signposting to advice services for facilities such as: sexual health, drugs awareness, housing, College Welfare Officers and SCRs to name but a few. Once the books are completed I plan on lobbying the university to digitalise the booklet and place it on iLancaster, much like the reporting app was last year. This way everything is easy to access as it’s all in one place. I feel this will improve wellbeing issues on campus dramatically.

And finally, a quick caveat. This isn’t everything I’m going to be doing all year! I’ll be running various campaigns and there will be plenty of chance for students to get involved, something I feel we may have lacked upon in recent years.
I’ll keep this page updated as well regarding my priorities.
So that’s me, if you’d like to pop me an email any time please do, its:


See you round, Dave x