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Wednesday 08-05-2019 - 20:08
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The disaster that is exam season is upon us, and while some people have still to begin, some of us unfortunates (myself included) have been at it since day one . It is quite possibly the worst time of the year – the sun will be shining and as always this will be the best of the British summer and we will be cooped up inside revising for a module that we REALLY regret taking!!

But it doesn’t have to be all that bad, Bowland JCR is putting on a range of activities so that you can take that well deserved break that we all desperately need. As you have seen, the events team have upped their game and are hosting WEEKLY quizzes to go to with your mates, maybe enjoy a drink from the bar, and unlike your exams, win prizes for answering!

However, it is really important that we are all taking care of ourselves during this stressful period. I enjoy writing and I can use this as an excuse to take a break from revision and let my mind wander. This doesn’t work for everyone obviously, so here is a little bit of advice from our wonderful welfare team about how best to deal with stress!

I want to take a break from revision, what can I do?

Luke (Male and non-binary welfare representative) “Spending time with your friends doing things you enjoy away from a work environment can really help to reduce stress. Exercise helps stimulate the brain and 30 minutes every day will hopefully reduce anxiety levels”

Katie (Female and non-binary welfare representative) “There are plenty of options for a revision break, especially in and around campus. Why not go for a walk along the woodland trail or go for a campus run? Even half-hour breaks relaxing and chatting with friends can help you de-stress.”

I have an exam tomorrow (agghh), what could I do today?

Katie “First and foremost, ensure you get a good night’s sleep and remember to eat well and give yourself plenty of breaks. It’s important to remember, sleep and regular breaks are vital during revision for consolidating memories.”

Luke “Exams are always stressful. Especially the day before! Building in what Katie said, it’s important to stay hydrated and don’t endlessly read over notes as it could just get you more stressed”

I’m feeling overwhelmed and don’t know who to go to, what would you recommend I do?

Luke “The exam period is tough for all students but fortunately there are many services provided! If you just want an informal chat and someone to vent to, Katie and I are always available 2-3 on a Monday in the JCR office and we are often in Bowland Bar, come and say hi!

“Always remember you’re not alone and there are course convenors, the base and nightline who are also available”

Katie “This is something that happens quite often, and some of us struggle to deal in these sorts of situations. If you desperately require some support regarding stress, you can book an appointment with the Bowland Welfare Team available Monday-Friday during term time for advice support and guidance on a wide range of issues. Simply send an email to:

“Maybe you urgently need some support, simply call in and visit the Bowland College Manager, Lorna Harrison who is also available during office hours if you feel unable to wait for an appointment.

“There are also Wellbeing Officer Drop-ins available 6-7pm between Monday-Friday during term time in the main security lodge.”  

So, there you go, revision doesn’t have to be all that bad. After all, it won’t be long until they are over anyway and you can celebrate with us at our AMAZING Extrav (theme tbc!!!) and for the rest of the summer!

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