Grizedale may not have the most illustrious career in sports within its short history as a college at Lancaster University. But its Sporting capability and achievements are on the rise! Last year the college boasts 1st place finishes in the Pool, Darts and Football respective leagues and a third place finish in the Overall Sports Shield Trophy, a two points whisker away from the top! It can now be said that this small and lively college, renowned for its friendliness and welcoming aura, now overshadows some of the larger colleges when it comes to Sport. A college which can pride themselves on their high participation levels and competitive spirit, where all members have the opportunity to get involved in the various sports teams and in the Legends and Carter Shield Competitions.

The college has four superb squads for both Netball and Football where Grizedalians can represent their college at the centre stage. Last year the Men’s Football A team won the League Cup for the first time and the B team finished league champions in a magical unbeaten season. The Netball team having a successful year under the reins of Izzy Hoggamscall and Helen Mackay with high mid table finishes. The college also has an exceptional Bar Sports team which comprises of Pool (2 Mens & 2 Ladies teams), Darts (1 Mens & 1 Ladies team), Dominoes and Table Tennis teams. Grizedale Bar Sports proves to be of the strongest on campus always challenging for that top spot. Last year the Women’s Darts was established for the first time and a stupendous top four finish followed. For the second year running the Men’s Pool team boast an outstanding 1st place finish whilst the Men’s Darts are on fine form yet again hitting the Bullseye at top of the league.

Sure to be a top contender next year, Grizedale will once again battle it out in the Sports Leagues and for the coveted Carter Shield and Legends trophies. Last year Grizedale had respectable mid table finishes in Legends and Carter Shield and this year they will once again strive to win. These competitions are integral to college sport, giving the chance for its members to make the most out of university, make lifelong friends and ultimately have fun. So if you want to get involved, challenge to win and have some wild sport team socials, the happy family of Grizedale welcomes you with open arms.