Welcome to Cartmel College

Cartmel is situated on the South West Campus alongside Londsdale and Graduate Colleges. We pride ourselves in our strong community spirit where students and staff support each other to get the most out of their time at Lancaster University. You can find out more about the College, it's staff and students by clicking on the menu to the left. If you are joining us in October take a look at our Freshers page.


At Lancaster, your college is here to help you settle into University life and make sure your transition to University is a positive and undaunting experience. Your college will be your home, study and social centre while you're here at Lancaster and it offers a wealth of support. Each College has a College Manager, in Cartmel this is Cath Gorton, an Advisor team along with a JCR (Junior Common Room Exec) and Fresher Reps who help our students with any questions or queries they may have or any welfare issues that may arise eg homesickness, problems with courses, to troublesome neighbours, financial difficulties and anything else.



Each College also has an Accommodation Manager, in Cartmel this is Andrea Townsend, who is available to help with any issues relating to your accommodation, whether this is an actual fault or problem with your flatmates. There are also porters on duty 24/7 in term time and it is them you go to in order to collect mail/ parcels or report problems outside of office hours.



Your JCR and College will organise various social events throughout the year and these are great places to meet new friends and join in the College spirit. College life can be very rewarding, especially if you play an active part in it and there are many ways to get involved - just look at their facebook page to find out more. What's more, friendships formed within the college often endure for years after graduation so there's every reason to choose us!



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.