Faculty Reps

Faculty Reps work with departments, Department Reps and the Vice-President Education to represent students to the within Faculties and the Students’ Union. They act as a link between the two bodies to ensure the best representation for students.

FHM UG REP Evangeline Rahman m.rahman1@lancaster.ac.uk 
FHM PGT REP Nick Reich n.reich@lancaster.ac.uk
FST UG REP Amy Jennings a.jennings2@lancaster.ac.uk
FST PGT REP Denisa Pais d.pais@lancaster.ac.uk
LUMS UG REP Razvan Turturica r.turturica@lancaster.ac.uk
LUMS PGT REP Brian Van Bergen b.vanbergen@lancaster.ac.uk
FASS PGT REP  Dean Tsang d.tsang@lancaster.ac.uk
FASS UG REP  Rose Proudfoot r.proudfoot@lancaster.ac.uk
PGR Reps    
FASS Joe Thornberry j.thornberry@lancaster.ac.uk
LUMS Anuja Pradhan a.pradhan@lancaster.ac.uk
FST Aisha Ali  a.s.ali@lancaster.ac.uk
FHM Annabelle Edwards a.edwards1@lancaster.ac.uk