Academic Advice

Lancaster University Academic Rep

We know the deal – studying and getting your degree or qualification is what you’re really at university for. We’re here to make sure that you’re being treated fairly by the university and have access to everything that you need to do your best.

Academic appeals

If you believe that your marks needs reconsidering because there was an error in your assessment, you were unfairly treated, or there were other circumstances that affected you during your assessments (like illness), you can appeal to the university. The university has an appeals procedure that we can walk you through and support you at every step, including attending appeals meetings with you.

Plagiarism or academic misconduct

If you’ve been accused of plagiarism, academic misconduct, or cheating in an exam, we’re here to help you. We can help you to submit statements and be by your side at any meetings in your department or with the Standing Academic Committee with you.

Mitigating circumstances

Your exams, assessments or attendance can sometimes be badly affected by circumstances outside of your control. If these circumstances are not already being addressed through extensions or other procedures, you may have what is known as mitigating circumstances. The university has a process for letting your department and your teachers know about what’s happening to you so that they may be taken into account by your examiners. We can give you more information on mitigating circumstances, and help you to let your department know about them.

Postgraduate research

As a postgraduate research student, we know that you will likely be well established within your student and academic life. However, we also know that there may still be times where you may need to turn to someone for help or support when times get tough, and that is where your students’ union comes in. If you are dissatisfied with your supervision arrangements or your access to resources, lab facilities and so on, you can turn to us and we can help support you with raising these matters with the university.