Vice-President Education

The VP Education heads up the academic rep system and is responsible for education policy and campaigns. They lobby the University to improve the academic experiences of all Lancaster students, and are the lead student on quality assurance, learning support, future academic planning and employability.

As well as VP, they are:

  • Trustee of the Union
  • Student representative on University Senate
  • Chair of the Academic Executive Committee


Big Successes: 

It is down to the work of a past Vice-President Education that we have a 24 hour library here at Lancaster.

More Detail:

The Vice-President Education is the lead officer on academic and related issues for all students. They develop and implement education policy, ensure quality teaching, learning support and resources and ensure employability skills and opportunities are provided at the University. 

They are also responsible for communication between academic representatives and the union and work with senior academic-related management staff, Faculty and School Deans, and the Student Registry and heads of academic related services i.e. Library, Careers and ISS regarding student services. 

You can read the full details of the role here.