Vice-President Union Development

The VP Union Development is the lead student for democracy, commercial services and governance. They are responsible for ensuring the Students’ Union’s constitution and bye-laws are accessible and relevant to students, delivering general meetings and elections, overseeing the social activities of student groups, and leading on the support of JCR officers. They also Chair the Students’ Union Executive Committee.

As well as VP, they are:

  • Students' Union Director
  • A Trustee of the Union
  • Chair of the Executive Committee
  • Non-Executive Director of LUSU Services Company


Big Successes: 

It was a Vice-President Union development that succured national funding for a large scale General Election voter registration campaign which saw a huge number of students register and vote in Lancaster.

More Detail:

The Vice-President Union Development guides and develops the union’s democratic functions and acts as a Non-Executive Director of the LUSU Services Company taking a particular lead on services being student focused and attaining student opinion.

They also support college JCRs and the PG Board in development and planning across their time in office and support the implementation of Welcome Week and Extravs.

You can read the full details of the role here.