PG Board & Womens+ Part Time Officer - Candidate Manifestos Announced

Saturday 10-10-2020 - 13:11

The nominations for the Postgraduate Board and Womens+ Part Time Officer are in. 


You can read their manifestos using the links below. The nominees are, as listed alphabetically by first name, as follows: 


Postgraduate Board - Candidates


PG Board Chair

  • Emma Gardiner

Academic Officer

  • Ritika Arora
  • Sophie Marsland

Board Member without Portfolio

  • Jude Rowley


Please click here to view the Postgraduate Board manifestos.



Womens+ Officer - Candidates

  • Chandni Mistry
  • Fay Whittam
  • Iza Shah
  • Lydia Moodycliffe and Charli Clement


Please click here to view the Womens+ PTO manifestos.



What if I don’t like any of the candidates?


You can vote for RON - Re-Open Nominations.


If RON is the most popular candidate for a position, nobody is elected into that role and the union will open nominations again in the next available election period. 


If any student member is interested in formally running a RON campaign for the elections they will need to register their campaign with the Students’ Union.


This should be done by emailing





Voting opens 10am Wednesday October 14th and closes 4pm Friday October 16th.


If you have any questions about these elections, feel free to contact the Elections Team at





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