Union President calls for guarantees from university management

Tuesday 30-01-2018 - 13:21
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Students’ union President Josh Woolf called for four key guarantees from university management at the final meeting of the institution’s Court on Saturday.

The Court is composed of people who from the local community and other organisations that have in interest in the work of the university. It can discuss matters relating to the institution and convey an opinion to the Council or Senate of the university.

This year's meeting of the Court was the last that will take place, following a decision by the university to replace it with an annual public meeting.

Speaking on Saturday, union President Josh Woolf called upon the Vice-Chancellor Mark E. Smith to make four guarantees to Lancaster students:

  • A serious commitment to offering value for money to our members, with affordable rents and on-campus services as top priorities
  • A pledge to put more resources into mental health support through the union and other channels
  • A renewed commitment to building a stronger and more widely-recognised platform for students to guide teaching & learning and develop their own academic interests
  • A promise that the annual public meeting that will be created to replace the Court will have the ability to hold university management to account

Speaking after the Saturday’s meeting, Josh said: “I wanted to use this final meeting of the Court to publically challenge the university to make some key commitments to our current and future members.

“The response to our requests was encouraging from both Court members and university management, and we will be pursuing these objectives in the coming months.”

Read Josh’s speech in full.



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