#YouGotThis: Exam season resources and support

Friday 07-05-2021 - 09:43

This exam season, your Students’ Union has teamed up with the Library to best prepare you for your exams and support you throughout & beyond

A collection of tips, resources and support are now available on your Student Portal, so be sure to make the most of these before your exams and set your mind at ease. You can access the guide here. In particular, you’ll want to read the Student Guide to Summer Exams which not only covers almost everything about exams, but also covers issues of academic malpractice which will be very different this year, as you won’t be sat in an exam hall for these assessments. 

When starting your exams you will have to tick a checkbox saying you’ve read the Terms and Conditions, and unlike some Terms and Conditions, we’d definitely recommend actually reading these! 

If you’ve got issues with exams or something else to do with your degree, as always, don’t forget to #UseYourReps via the Student Only Spaces on Moodle if you don’t have their contact details. They are your representatives in your department and/or faculty and will be able to tackle any issues for you throughout this exam period. Your Reps make amazing things happen and by talking to your Academic Rep, you make change possible.

If you’ve got any other issues to do with exams (or anything else) our Advice Service is always available to offer independent advice on academic issues to ensure you are treated fairly by the University. You can find out more about the Academic Advice we can offer here. You can get in touch with the Advice Service by emailing advice@lancastersu.co.uk.


And remember, you're the result of 6 million years of evolution, 1 of 1 billion strong swimmers and #YouGotThis

Good luck & if you need us #WeGotYou 



Author: Jessica Ordonez, Communications Coordinator, Union

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