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Welcome to the Association of British Chinese University Students Society, similar to the old LUBCSoc, we want to continue creating a safe space for people who are born into the British Chinese/Asian culture and any other individual who is interested in these crossovers.

We think it is important to celebrate both the Western and Eastern parts of our upbringings and spread positivity between one and the other.

We aim to provide a comfortable social setting for the group members to make more friends, join in for more social and cultural events.

There will be a lot of exciting events ranging from food to hiking and everything in between- We are also very much open to any suggestions that you may have :)))

There will also be collaborations with other societies and other universities' ABACUSes where our members make more connections and interchange knowledge.

If you're interested in joining, please join this group to keep up with all current events and notices! 🙂

Check out our social media below!

Messenger: https://m.me/join/AbaomFQUjQ6Jsofp

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lu_abacus/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lu_britishchinesesoc/

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By joining this group basic information such as name, email and date of birth will be made available to the organisers of the group. Next of Kin details may also be provided if part of the registration. Anonymised demographic information of the group’s membership will be used to improve activity but will not identify any individual.