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Edible Campus is at its core an experiment in community farming. As a society we aim to create an environment where students can learn, teach and exchange ideas about small-scale farming and sustainable practices. Working with the EcoHub and GreenLancaster, we work to use sustainable, wholesome and effective practices to grow our garden.

The majority of work at EcoHub involves garden maintenance and tending to chickens. We plan, plant and harvest our garden year-round and student volunteers are the key component that keeps the project alive. With numerous raised beds, a polytunnel, wildlife pond, chicken coop and orchard we have a diversity of interests for you to engage in.

At our core, we want to give students the fundamental skills to build their own sustainable practices

This year, due to the pandemic the society will be running multiple small-scale action days a week in line with government and university guidance. Face masks and disposable gloves must be worn at all times on-site and indoor spaces will be operating in a one-way system only. Each action day will be conducted by small teams (no more than 6) lead by one of our Executive Commitee, engaging in a range of general and specific activities  Be sure to check out our timetable to find an action day that works for you! Due to social distancing and constraints on numbers, we will be operating a rota system for volunteers, however we will do our best to match you to your priorities.


SUSTAINABILITY - We operate based on the fundamental principle of minimal environmental impact. We favour organic, small-scale approaches, as well as local and seasonal food consumption. Our produce is grown to organic standards and minimises use of fossil fuels. We produce our own compost and endeavour to reduce plastic in our production and retail process.

A SOCIAL PROJECT - Our social impact ranges from enhancing community involvement in the project to acting as a forum for students to voice their ideas, concerns and aspirations for sustainable food on campus. We also believe there is social value in creating community around food-concerned spaces where students can be around fellow students with common sustainability values. The Edible Campus community project can have a positive impact on mental health and well-being; it can operate as a ‘release’ from studies and University life.

ACTION DAYS - Whether you are a novice or an experienced gardener, get your hands dirty and volunteer at our Action Days. Typical jobs include sowing seeds, building beds, planting fruit trees and bushes, etc. All tools and equipment are provided including wellies and waterproofs. Volunteers can harvest free veg after Action Days in exchange for their hard work!

CHICKENS - We’ve got a flock of rescue hens who’ve made a new home in the EcoHub chicken coop. We need help to keep the coop clean, and top up their feeders and drinking water. One of the great perks is that volunteers can take home any eggs the chickens have laid.

ENTERPRISE - Every week we sell our produce to outlets on campus and to students via our VeggieBox scheme. Edible Campus is always looking to innovate our businesses practices from new ways to reach customers to diversifying our products. Every idea is welcome!

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE - Our society is run by keen students and staff who endeavour to provide our members with the best Edible Campus experience. We hold weekly meetings to keep the project moving forward. You can find the names and pictures of current exec members on the noticeboard at the EcoHub. We are all friendly and approachable, don’t hesitate to come talk to us!





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