A Trustee Board with a majority of Student-Elected Representatives

by Atree Ghosh 14 September 2019, 15:08

Category: Students Union Petition


In recent months, the SU have started making decisions that seemingly are not the will of most students. A significant part of this has been allowed to continue due to the lack of direct student representation in our own union's trustee board. A board with a majority where the individuals are not approved or elected by students leads to a disconnect between what students want, and what gets done about it by the trustee board.

The only way to stop decisions such as the discussions to sell the Sugarhouse in the future will be to have a board where student elected members are in a simple majority. Admitting to the factor that external trustees bring experience vital to the operation to the union itself, they must be student elected/approved going forward, in an election where external trustees must express how they will represent students in their role.

A Trustee Board with a majority of student elected representatives is the only way to put students first.


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    Deleted User   wrote, 14-09-2019 - 15:23

    When the Trustee meeting minutes say things like: "B4. FUTURE FACILITIES | restricted item" "B3. Commercial Operating Plans | operating plans noted and brief overview given on specific areas of responsibility. Marketing, Retail and Housing operation plans were approved. Action re Sugar House plan noted. Action to review unnecessary submissions to Board identified." there is something wrong. Also: "[B7] Sugarhouse Strategy. Task Group Action | Task group [ chaired by Mark Alexander, external trustee] to submit report on progress to 18 January 2019" BTW, Mark Alexander Mark specialises in property and real estate matters, typically acting for developers, investors and banks. No conflict of interest there then! ;-(

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