Publish recent past paper answers and mark schemes

by Yaser Ennimer 22 June 2019, 19:08

Category: University Petition

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Reasons for publishing recent past paper answers and mark schemes:

- Increased confidence and clarity when knowing what is expected in an ideal answer. Many times, students have no idea how elaborate their answer must be; a mark scheme would fix that.

- Increasing students' understanding of exam style problems will improve where the university stands on teaching quality.

- Increased autonomy: less emails asking teachers to verify student's answers, thus saving time on both ends and increasing productivity.

- From personal experience and experience of those we know, mark schemes from past exams are an incredibly useful revision tool. Many students coming from A-Levels or Baccalaureates use past papers and mark schemes to support their learning. By not providing mark schemes you are inherently forcing them to change their learning processes to ones that are possibly less effective.