Save Our Sugarhouse

by Jack O'Dwyer-Henry 06 September 2019, 19:42

Category: Students Union Petition

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This petition is asking for the Students Union to reconsider their decision regarding the potential sale of the The Sugarhouse. LUSU has repeatedly failed to listen to students on issues that affect them from Grad Ball through to Bailrigg FMs licence. For once we want LUSU to listen to our voice on this.

We are asking that LUSU consult openly with students on the future of Sugar, release the full minutes of the meetings where the sale was decided for transparency and asks all Trustees to appear before the student body in a general meeting where students can question them on the nature of the decision.

Closing The Sugarhouse will impact:

The Student Community: The Sugarhouse is the most popular night out in Lancaster with a larger capacity than Daltons or Hustle. Without Sugar, we will be split across venues. When you go on a night out in Lancaster everyone knows what you mean, you don't have to ask where people are going as everyone is in Sugar.

Cost: Sugarhouse is the cheapest night out in Lancaster. Closing Sugar will allow other venues to increase their prices to extreme levels making our nights out more expensive. This will lead to students being priced out of the market with students from low income backgrounds the hardest hit.

Safe Night Out: The Sugarhouse is the third safest night out in the UK as ranked by the Best Bar None awards. Students can access the ‘Late Night Do It Right’ welfare stand outside the venue and free soft drinks for designated drivers. The Sugarhouse is the only venue in Lancaster that students can guarantee is safe.

Zero Tolerance: The Sugarhouse is the only venue in Lancaster which enforces a complete zero tolerance approach to sexual misconduct, meaning students are properly supported and are safe.

Student Jobs: Over 150 students work at The Sugarhouse, offering a fair wage and a good working environment for students (including taxis home at the end of a shift). Without this, many could not afford to study at Lancaster.

Diversity: The Sugarhouse is the only venue which celebrates the annual Black and LGBTQ+ History Months. This safe space celebrates our diverse student population, where minority groups can feel included in Lancaster.

Trans Students: As the only venue in Lancaster which has gender neutral toilets, transgender and non binary students will not be able to particpate safely and openly in a night out in Lancaster without the Sugarhouse.

Disabled Students: The Sugarhouse is the only fully accessible venue for disabled students in Lancaster. Without it these students have no other options for a night out here.

Free Transport: The Sugarhouse puts on free buses to and from campus, allowing students a safe and free way to get home, giving Freshers especially, peace of mind they will never be stranded in Lancaster. This is something only Sugarhouse provides.

Extravs: The Sugarhouse staff facilitate and support JCR’s with the planning and operating of Extravs. Without them JCR’s would be left alone to deal with this enormous task, events will suffer. 

Income: The Sugarhouse is profitable and brings significant income to the Union which supports other Union activities such as Sport Teams, Societies, JCRs, and the advice service.

Without Sugar student life in Lancaster would never be the same. We need your support. Make the Union listen to students by liking and sharing this petition, as they will only listen to their students directly.

#SaveOurSugarhouse #SOS