The University to consider the recommendations in the Improve Your Learning report.

by Molly Lawson 28 January 2021, 15:06

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After analysing data from a survey which recieved almost 600 responses, the Improve Your Learning Team has developed the following recommendations. If you support the following, please do sign.

  1. We request a university review of the ILSP* system. This recommendation can be implemented through changes such as the following:
  • Greater advertising of the ILSP system to new and existing students, including more clear and detailed information about how this works.
  • Greater training for academics on how to help students with ILSPs.
  • Making the process to get ILSPs easier.
  • Creating clear guidelines for what students should do if an academic or staff member is not following their ILSP.
  1. We request a review of the current system of reporting accessibility issues. This can be achieved through changes such as these:
  • A review of the current system.
  • More advertising about how to report any accessibility issues.
  • Students to have members of the department who are responsible for dealing with these complaints. Though there is currently a Disability Representative in most departments, their role does not include helping students with disabilities on an individual level.
  1. We request certain changes to academic delivery. Specifically, we would like to recommend:
  • Regular student surveys to explore whether policy (such as captioning) is being implemented.
  • Considering alternative methods to captioning (for example, hiring students to write/edit captioning or implementing new software) in order to take the strain off academics.
  • Keeping the seven-day period between when online lectures are uploaded and when students have teaching, and using regular surveys or the Academic Rep system to evaluate whether this is happening in each department.
  • Making lecture recordings ‘opt-out’ rather than ‘opt-in’ for academics, in order to ensure that as many are uploaded as possible.

*For context:
The ILSP (Inclusive Learning Support Plan) is the universities way of sending out the reasonable adjustments of students with disabilities to their lecturers, for example some students may need captioning or extra time on exams.


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    Molly Lawson   wrote, 02-02-2021 - 15:25

    Hi! The report has been created by a group of students after receiving almost 500 responses to a survey. We have used that data to create a report. I'm not sure what you mean about being vague and insufficient - I'm happy to show you the data if you provide your email! The recommendations are for the university to conduct more investigation into these issues and are not intended to be a complete plan, as we are only students and can't make those sorts of decisions ourselves. All we want to do is improve the accessibility of teaching! If you want to talk more about this issue, feel free to contact me over email, I'm happy to talk :)

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    Molly Lawson   wrote, 02-02-2021 - 15:27

    Also for anyone who wants tor read the whole report, here is a link:

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