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Friday 07-09-2018 - 16:59
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Your union has reluctantly decided that the time has come for direct action over plans to extend Lancaster’s teaching day, despite objections from students and academics.

Following the disappointing response we received from Deputy Vice Chancellor Andrew Atherton last week and having seen the planned timetables for the academic year, we feel we are not being listened to by Lancaster University senior management.

We believe it is time for action and so at the next university open day we will be taking a physical stand.  Join us on Saturday September 15 where we will be gathering in peaceful protest to show future students what they could be signing up for.

We also want to send a strong message to university management that we will not stand for decisions which take up the time of our already-overworked Postgraduate teaching staff – academics who have had these hours forced upon them without consultation - or for time being taken away from students taking part in extracurricular activities through their clubs and societies and their total disregard for students with caring responsibilities.   

You can see the extra 250 hours added to the timetable below.

Register your interest in joining us here.

Your Full Time Officer Team

Find out more about the protest in our FAQ

Click to see the PDF

Please note: ‘Modules affected by 6-7pm teaching hrs’, include non-teaching events such as ‘laboratory set-down time’, ‘student-led rehearsals’, ‘film screenings’ and ‘open-access courses’. Additionally, please be aware that the timetable is subject to change throughout the year, particularly whilst Part I students enrol on their modules at the beginning of the new academic year.



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