Communal Kitchenette-Hydrotap in the Library (or Bowland off-campus kitchen opened 24h during exams)

by Carlos Otte Blazquez 31 March 2017, 22:01

Category: Facilities

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We all know the pains of late night revision time. You forgot your wallet, or your on-campus room is miles away in Cartmel, which effectively means that you're negated the basic human right to have a nice satisfying and relaxing hot brew when studying.

Unfortunately, except Subway on the weekends (even so, the coffee machine is cleaned at 1:00 AM) there's no way to have a brew when you're studying late night. It's also a shame that all off-campus college kitchens close at 10 PM. Other options are equally appaling, such as that horrible ground floor coffee machine (which most of the times has no cups) or bringing your own instant coffee and make it with lukewarm water from the toilets

I suggest opening a kitchenette for students-only, accessible by card reader and accessible only at night time, where people could leave their own mugs, make brews, have nice tea and coffee and leave small things (e.g. milk) in the fridge. I'm aware that there's some issues with this idea, such as what happens when people start stealing stuff, or expired items left in the fridge. I suggest operating on a good faith system, in which the library bears no responsibility, meaning that all items should be respected by others and it is our responsibility as students to keep it clean. I used to work in a company with hundreds of people using a kitchen, and we never had a problem. 

  • Food should be clearly labeled with the owner's name and date (leaving post-its in the kitchen for people to write names).
  • Periodically (once a term) purge the common fridges and make it publicly known in advance.
  • Having a clear door to deter people from stealing items.

Otherwise, another option is to keep the closest kitchen open during exam time and after 10 PM, particularly Bowland off-campus kitchen. 

Another reasonable option is to install a Hydrotap instead of that slow water fountain such as this one. It's very handy and allows people to make their own hot drinks. 

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Suggestions are certainly welcomed.