Welcome Week Blogs

We want to make sure you feel as prepared as possible for your arrival/return to Lancaster. We'll be updating this page with blogs from current and past students on a variety of topics in the build up to and over Welcome Week. 

If you have a topic you want to see you can let us know here and if you would like to submit a blog, please email the team with your idea.


What to pack


Packing for the bedroom and bathroom - A few things you might not have thought about

Packing for the kitchen - A few things you might not want to forget 

Packing Stationery - The extra helpful bits


Life at Lancaster  


Coming back to Lancaster as a returning student - Returning to Lancaster as a second or third year can be as daunting as when you started as a fresher - it's a new experience on its own. Fylde graduate Islay has written about what it's like to be a returning student with some tips from living off campus to getting more involved

Don't Drink? Don't worry - With Freshers week and student life comes the image of drinking, here from a student that isn't alone in the choice not to drink

Returning as a masters student - Some tips on making the most of your masters


Academic Life


Independent study and where to start - University is a big change when it comes to contact hours with tutors, its all about indipendant study and it can be hard to know where to start. Read some tips from Hazel


Clubs and Societies 


Tips on joining teams - There are so many teams and loads of different leagues, it can he hard to know where to start

Tips on joining societies - Take part in taster sessions and have a shop around

How the radio defined my university experience - The students' union has hundreds of student groups at Lancaster including student media - LA1TV, SCAN, Take 2 Cinema and Bailrigg FM. Terry Tucker tells us about how joining Bailrigg FM changed his time at university and how being part of student groups creates a whole new community around you

How handball gave James a challenge outside of the lecture theatre - Giving something you've never considered doing before might just be the best thing you've event done!