Rules and Complaints

All of our elections are fun, free and fair. To make sure that everyone has a fair chance during the elections, we have a set of rules and guidance for our candidates. For all candidates:

  • Campaigning may not begin until the start of the official campaigning period (Monday Week 7)
  • Campaign materials should not damage or unduly mark property (including chalk)
  • Campaigners may only alter, move or remove their own campaign materials
  • Campaigning must not disturb any academic area (including the Library, Learning Zone and Study Spaces)
  • Campaigners must not interfere with a student at the point of them casting their vote
  • Campaigners should make no unreasonable noise near university buildings
  • Campaigners should not use campaign methods which are not available to other candidates (closed mailing lists, restricted access Union spaces, etc.)

You can read all the rules and guidance here.

Using social media

Are you running for an FTO role? Great news! But remember that until Monday of Week 7 you cannot campaign, not even online. This means that you shouldn't be telling your social media followers why you're running, why they should vote for you, or sharing any campaign materials. 


As a Full Time Officer candidate, you have a budget of £30 for your campaign. This covers everything you use on your campaign, including the cost of printing and any other materials. You should keep a record of all of your costs so that the Students' Union can reimburse you, and so that we know how much of your budget you have spent. Going over your budget is a breach of the rules. If you use materials that you already own, and do not need to buy, you should still record the original cost of the material. Any questions email

If any student believes a candidate has broken any of these rules, or would like to raise a complaint about a candidate or the elections process, email