Society Funding

Society Funding is now closed


There are still plenty of ways we can support your activity though so don’t hesitate to pop into the Students’ Union and we can discuss your ideas! Come in and meet your dedicated society staff team any weekday afternoon from 12-4pm, in the union office. No appointments needed, just come in and say hi!

Take a look at our article on how to plan an event for your student group or society.

Applications will re-open in the Summer Vacation, it pays to be organised and get your application in early!

We want to see our student groups develop and thrive in the activities they enjoy.

The union offers funding to all of our affiliated student groups to help you become more sustainable in your projects, events and future ambitions.

Over the last year we have contributed more than £20,000 to more than 50 different student groups and societies.


Funding applications are submitted to our Student Societies Committee and are processed on a fortnightly basis, the committee may well have questions or feedback and we would strongly recommend applications are submitted a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your activity/deadline. To avoid any hold ups we would suggest meeting with a member of the Societies Team before submitting your application who will be able to give you a clear overview of the process and ensure you stand the best possible chance of being successful.

Here at the Students’ Union we like to encourage a culture of planning and sustainability amongst our affiliated groups and as such we allocate our funding on a first come first serve basis; it really does pay to be organised, budget for the year ahead and get your applications in as early as possible! 

Students and societies are always coming up with ideas that we could never have predicted and we love to harness this innovation! If you have an idea for a way that your society could do something amazing then we would be really keen to talk about it and explore how we can help.


Things We Fund:

  • Equipment
  • Events
  • Travels Costs
  • Competitions
  • Coaching/Instructing
  • Good Ideas! 

Things We Can’t Fund:

  • Retrospective payments (You can’t apply to fund something that has already occurred)
  • Additional insurance
  • Anything that undermines the law or our financial regulations
  • Repairs necessary due to neglect
  • Fines
  • Funding for external charities
  • Legal fees

Note: Funding can only be paid into a Society Bank Account and cannot be granted as a cash payment or to a personal bank account.


Further information is available in our funding policy.

We are aware groups can run into financial difficulty from time to time - you may be hit with unforeseen costs and bills or your projects and events may turn out to be more expensive than you originally anticipated. In these instances you may be entitled to apply for Emergency Funding to help cover the costs. Please note the same restrictions as above apply. We aim to make a decision within seven days of submission of your application.

You will need to organise a meeting with either the VP Activities or member of Societies staff before an application can be provided or submitted.

Please note that this is NOT an alternative to the standard funding procedure and is to aid only with financial circumstances that are beyond the control of your group.

Please make sure you have read through our funding policy before making an application, you will also be required to upload a budget. It’s important that we can see your finances are being properly managed; this will help contribute towards a successful application. You can find both a basic and an advanced project budget template and our funding policy in our useful documents.

Organise a meeting through or drop in and make an appointment at the Welcome Desk.