Introduce a Significant Safety Net for the remainder of the 2020/21 Academic Year

by Noah Katz 04 January 2021, 20:56

Category: University Petition

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Due to tonight's (4/1/21) announcement that the vast majority of students must remain where they are, much of the student body will not be able to access the already limited provisions available to them on campus. Being expected to produce the same standard of work, as if it were a normal year, during a pandemic is simply absurd.

As we enter into the third national lockdown, our demands are simple -

1) Introduce blanket coursework extensions for coursework due during weeks 11 & 12 (as a minimum) so that students are able to cope with the ever-changing circumstances without jeopardising their mental health for the sake of an essay.

2) Rapid consultation with the elected Academic Faculty Reps to discuss how assessment, teaching, and exams will continue for the year.