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Tuesday 30-03-2021 - 11:36
Copy of article byelaws

The students' union is recruiting students to take part in a series of focus groups that will look at the draft Byelaws

Participants will receive a £15 amazon voucher for taking part in a focus group. For more information, or if you are available on any of the following dates and are interested in taking part, please contact

  • 15:00 March 30 
  • 18:00 March 30
  • 10:30 March 31
  • 13:00 March 31
  • 10:30 April 19
  • 18:00 April 19
  • 10:00 April 20 

The draft set of byelaws have been produced to support and aid members with their decision making when the new Proposed Articles of Association are put to student members for approval and provide context and set out the future intent of the Trustee Board regarding the proposed changes being put to members as part of the Democracy & Governance Review. These include:

•    The operational process for the ratification of External Trustees via a cross campus confirmatory ballot.
•    A new system for student member-led campaigns, including revised process for submitted ideas for consideration by a Union Council.
•    Adaption of the Vice-President Union Development role to include the Climate Emergency portfolio.
•    New FTO Committee to more effectively execute the wishes of the membership.
•    Composition and procedures for Union Council
•    The provision for the establishment of sub-committees of Union Council


These draft byelaws should be read in conjunction with  the Articles of Association and are provided for means of context. Student members are further asked to note these are still subject to amendment following on from student member consultations.

The draft byelaws can be found here - Draft Byelaws Booklet



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