Thankcaster: Celebrating the people who got us through

Monday 07-06-2021 - 09:00

We welcome students and staff to come together at our Thankcaster event, celebrating all of the people who have helped us through the last year  

Through the darkest times, the strength of people and the community has shone through. Thankcaster will celebrate and recognise the people who brightened our lives and selflessly helped others throughout the pandemic. 

The University and Students’ Union have come together to bring you an opportunity to say thank you to those who have helped you through such a uniquely difficult period, through a virtual space and at an in-person celebratory event. 

For many, it will be one of the first opportunities in over a year to come together on campus with friends and colleagues, and we can’t wait to see you!


The Thankcaster Wall
We will be collecting your messages on the Thankcaster wall to share, showcase and celebrate the people who got us through. Be it the friend on the telephone, the staff member that went the extra mile or your dad’s stellar cups of tea. Celebrate the people who got you through by submitting a thank you message to our wall.
We’ll be showcasing these messages online and around campus on our e-screens for all to see!

You can share a message for someone who has made a difference to you on the wall directly or by using #Thankcaster on Instagram or Twitter. Your tagged messages will be featured on the Thankcaster wall.

The Thankcaster Event
The Thankcaster event on 26 June will take place on the campus grounds around Lake Carter within our Picnic by the Pond event. Picnic by the Pond will feature picnic food (bookable in advance soon), society performances, photo opportunities and the chance to come and enjoy Lancaster campus, with those you are grateful for this year.
There will also be a chance to add to the Thankcaster wall in person, as our virtual wall is brought to life in giant chalkboard form.


Hosted jointly by Lancaster University and Students’ Union, the event is designed to be safe, accessible and inclusive to everyone in the University community.

In line with University guidance, we strongly advise attendees to take a Lateral Flow Test twice weekly. Tests are available for collection on-campus from the Great Hall, or alternatively from many local pharmacies and online. While it's not a requirement to attend the event, it is recommended prior to attendance.

Thankcaster and the Picnic by the Pond event have been organised to meet the Government’s current guidelines. Organizers will continue to monitor the government guidance and necessary safety precautions will be in place. Please take notice of any safety measures and follow the guidance available on the day.



Author: Jessica Ordonez, Communications Coordinator, Union

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