University Approves Rent Increase despite Students’ Union Objections

Monday 26-10-2020 - 13:48

On Friday afternoon, the Finance and General Purposes Committee approved an increase in rent for campus by 1% in the 21/22 year. This is in spite of protests from the SU President, Oliver Robinson.

In August of this year, the FTOs chose to freeze rents in the SU Housing Company in the interests of the student body. It was felt that in a time where students were facing a troubling economic forecast, it would be inappropriate to increase the cost burden. In the past, the University has objected to SU Housing moving out of line with the University.

SU President, Oliver Robinson says: “Were it not for the incredible financial pressure that the University was under, I would have pressed for reductions in the already extortionate campus rents. As it was, I pushed for a perfectly practical and achievable objective. It’s incredibly disappointing that the University was not willing to support students on this issue.”

If you have any concerns, please contact SU President Oliver Robinson:



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