Shaping Your Students' Union

Every now and then, all organisations need to take some time to plan for the future.


We’ve spent the last year developing a new overall strategy for your students’ union that will steer our activity for the next three years.


We’re putting finishing touches to the strategy at the moment and will be ready to tell you all about it soon.


As part of this work we’ve done extensive research, worked with external experts, gathered feedback from our students and worked to build up a comprehensive or what Lancaster students want and need to make their time here as good as it can be.


Our research looked at a number of specific areas and themes covering the whole scope of the Lancaster experience, including:

  • The collegiate students’ union
  • Developing members to thrive and succeed
  • Great representation
  • Provided and co-created services
  • Promoting welfare and wellbeing
  • Communication and community-building


Thanks to everyone who has helped us with this project so far. Look out for more updates on this work coming soon!


What are we here to do?




The union is a registered charity, dedicated to 'the advancement of the education of students at Lancaster University for the public benefit'.


That might not sound very exciting, but it gives us a huge amount of scope to do anything and everything to help give you an amazing university experience - whether your main motivation is your studies or your extra-curricular activities.


How we do that is driven by your wants and needs. The video below will give you a quick overview of our highlights from 2017.