Shaping Your Students' Union

What do you want from your students’ union? What do you think the next generation of students will want?

Every year new students join us and others leave Lancaster to start the next chapter of their lives. That means it’s really important to us that we continue to evolve to ensure what we do meets your needs and is relevant to you.

Help us to improve our union

This is where you come in! If you've already formed a strong connection with the union, we want to know what we're doing well, what we can do better, and what new things we should start doing to support you more.

If you're not involved in anything we do, we want to hear from you too! Are there any barriers stopping you getting involved? If there was one thing you'd like us to start doing, what would it be?

We're open to all suggestions - whether it's a new activity or making it easier or more welcoming to get involved, we want to hear from you about how to make this union work for you.

We're determined to make the changes we need to meet your needs.

We don't expect it to be easy, and we can't expect to please everyone, but we're going to do everything we can to be the union you deserve.

Get involved!

What are we here to do?


The union is a registered charity, dedicated to 'the advancement of the education of students at Lancaster University for the public benefit'.

That might not sound very exciting, but it gives us a huge amount of scope to do anything and everything to help give you an amazing university experience - whether your main motivation is your studies or your extra-curricular activities.

How we do that is driven by your wants and needs. The video below will give you a quick overview of our highlights from 2017.

How do we make that happen?

This is an opportunity for you to shape your union and its priorities and give us priceless feedback on how we can change to get where we need to be.

We want to prioritise the things that make us unique and make sure we're meeting needs that aren't met elsewhere.

We're doing this by exploring a number of different themes...

The collegiate students’ union

We're thinking again about how the union and the colleges fit together - what should our role in college life be, and how can we help you make the most of your college communities?

Have your say

Developing members to thrive and succeed

From our President to our society and college execs, you elect student leaders to represent you. We're looking at how we can get better at supporting them to fulfill their roles and develop the skills they need to lead, manage and influence on your behalf.

Tell us what you think

Great representation

Representing your views and fighting your corner is one of our top priorities. What can we do to ensure that our structures represent you in the most meaningful way?

Share your views

Provided and co-created services

We provide a wide range of services on our own and in partnership with the university. What's working. What's not? What should we start doing? What should we stop doing?

Send your opinion

Promoting welfare and wellbeing

Your welfare is the most important thing to us and key to ensuring you get your degree and move on to fulfill your potential. What more can we do to support you?

Tell us how we can help

Our membership

We’ve been carrying out research designed to help us understand more about you and your needs. This is the start of a longer-term project that will help us to stay in tune with the ways our membership changes as the years go by. There’ll be more to tell you about that work soon!