Disaffiliate from the NUS - Save 1000s of pounds every year to reinvest in what really matters

by Atree Ghosh 10 April 2019, 13:33

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The Students' Union currently pays the NUS £35,000 to stay affiliated. While we continue to fund a CEO and their 6 figure salary, the organisation as a whole fails to focus on the most prominent issues most students face. Disaffiliaing from the NUS will not only free up significant amount of funds to reinvest in student activities and liberation groups acroos the university, but also allow us to fight for every student within the university.

As the Students' Union continues to cut student activities to improve organisational sustainability, we have ample amounts of funds being invested in an organisation that has been drowning in it's own debts and days away from going bust and taking us down with them. Here is an article about their increasing debt and financial worries:

And another:

And another one:

Other Unions around the country have been fairing well outside the NUS and have been disaffiliating at an increasing rate, and doing it succesfully. Here is a list:

Time to vote and leave the NUS and fight for what students really care about.


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    Guy Watts   wrote, 10-04-2019 - 13:47

    Long Over-Due Action

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    Patrick Ramsey   wrote, 29-05-2019 - 16:18

    Someone told me the union can get specialist help with things such as legal advice from NUS. This affiliation is a huge proportion of the students' union's overall budget, though if NUS is having any influence on government policy regarding students it would be counterproductive to leave. Would like some clarification as to the benefits of continued membership.

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