In solidarity with Venezuelas college students

by Deleted User 25 October 2016, 02:17

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Thank you for submitting your idea! This was referred to the Student Jury in Lent Term 2017, and the Jury agreed to approve the idea, with the recommendation that Lancaster's delegates to NUS National Conference raise the issue there.

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As you may have heard, Venezuela, my country, is passing through what can be called the worst crisis in its whole history. This friday alone, the call for the referendum against president Maduro was "suspended" indefinitely, on what constitutes a clear rupture of the democratic system, a true coup d'état. Many of Venezuelan universities have decided to defend the democracy and the students are determined to go out and demand for their rights to be respected, facing the risk of being incarcerated, wounded, tortured or killed. 

My petition is for the organized community of Lancaster University students to solidarize, via a public statement and a call to other universities in the UK, with the students as well as with all those who are determined to peacefully defend democracy in Venezuela. I don't know if that would be appropiate, or possible, but I dared to ask hoping not to bother you. Sincerely, 


Jorge Perez.


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    Deleted User   wrote, 03-02-2017 - 11:52

    Hello! Apologies for the delay in response. This idea is going to a student jury in week 5 - we appreciate that there will have been some change in the situation in Venezuela, could you please let us know your updated view on this idea?

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    Deleted User   wrote, 03-02-2017 - 15:48

    If anyone would like to submit evidence for or against this idea, please comment below or email evidence to Cheers!

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    Deleted User   wrote, 22-02-2017 - 09:15

    This idea has now been through a jury and this was their response: "The jury debated the role of the students’ union in international issues and the impact that actions taken by the union could have. They agreed that action should taken by national bodies better able to act on international issues, including Amnesty International, British Youth Parliament and the NUS. The jury also raised questions around the values of the union, and how the union acted on these values. The jury agreed that the students' union should: submit a motion to NUS National Conference; ensure that Venezuelan students on campus are aware of support systems in place for them; and ensure that the students’ union values are clear to members and direct the activity of Officers"

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