Lobby Stagecoach to create a direct bus journey to Common Garden Street from the Underpass

by Deleted User 19 November 2017, 16:25

Category: Local Community Petition

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We all hate the rush in the evenings and cramped bus journeys to and from campus every day. I overheard one bus driver saying that there should be a direct shuttle bus from the Underpass driectly to Common Garden Street with no other stops to take the majority of students to and from campus a lot quicker.

Unfortunately, the bosses at Stagecoach won't listen to the voice of one disgruntled empolyee, but they might listen to us as a whole.

Create a new bus route that always uses a double-decker to drive from the Underpass to Common Garden Street and back to campus on a continuous loop throughout weekdays with no other stops. This will not only lessen the load of other bus routes that get students to less popular areas such as Bowerham and Hala, but get everybody to and from campus a lot quicker.