Petition for an increase in the initial print balance

by Idreas Khandy 08 February 2017, 09:57

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Dear all, 

As we are all aware that printing our essays, reading list etc. is a substantial cost while pursuing studies at any level, the costs are expected to be higher if one is studying at a higher stage, such as Masters and Doctoral degrees. 

I am currently registered at the University as a PhD Candidate and being an international [self-funded] student I was literally shocked to see my initial print balance to be a measly '1£'. International students pay more than thrice of what Home students are required to pay as tuition fee, if you didn't already know this. Similarly, a majority of the home students take student loans to fund their education at a university level and given the time we are living in, 'every pound count'. 

In light of this, I believe that all University students are entitled to a larger amount of 'initial print balance' (say 10£) at the beginning of every academic year. I hope a majority of the fellow students at Lancaster will agree with me and push this petition forward towards a mutually beneficial and a logic conclusion. 

Thank you. 


Idreas Khandy

PhD Candidate/PPR Department. 


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    Jawad Kadir   wrote, 06-02-2020 - 19:19

    I am very sorry that I am the first one to comment about this injustice. so sad.

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