Set up food waste collection in collaboration with Edible Campus or local scheme

by Charlotte Simmonds 07 February 2020, 15:28

Category: Environmental

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Lancaster student create a high level of food waste, which at Lancaster will end up with the General Waste (non-recyclable materials) in landfill. This is a waste of an otherwise valuble form of compost and also leads to more matter in landfill. 

At my previous university, each house had a small food waste bin and were supplied with compostable bags. Since they were small caddies, they were regularly emptied and composted with local area's compost collection. The local government also implimented changes to reduce the frequency of non-recycling collections due to the success of the programme. Once it becomes part of every day life, it becomes very easy to remember to do (and keeps kitchens much cleaner!).

I propose that since Edible Campus work to provide food for the campus outlets, they could use this food waste to further benefit the community and reduce food waste. If Edible Campus cannot do this, the university should take part in, or campaign for a food waste collection for students.