Extrav for Graduate Students

by Chloe Hinde 10 June 2017, 11:02

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Hi, I'm abit frustrated with the extrav system for graduates, or to be precise-non-existant system. I was an undergrad at this univeristy and I know how the extrav ticket sales work, and understand reasons why grad college dont have their own extrav. Surely, there should be a system in place for graduate students to nominate another college they would like to get priority for, and so they get to buy tickets for that one between 11-2 rather than having to try and buy ALL 3 at 2pm, of which is virtually impossible because they all sell out in minutes...Just a thought! I realise this isn't going to be resolved this year because they go on sale today, but i think its something to bare in mind for next year because at the end of the day, we are students too.


Chloe Hinde


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    Mike Ryder   wrote, 21-06-2017 - 07:24

    Hi Chloe. We have an 'extrav' only it's not called that, it's called Grad Fest. It's on 1st July, with a mix of events for our wide diversity of pg students. I do take your point about buying tickets for other colleges though.

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